Noglobal was born in Madrid in 1981 into a family of painters, poets, musicians, filmmakers, teachers, and revolutionaries. He is a genuinely creative soul who has been involved in the Spanish countercultural scene since he was a teenager where he first began working in social community centers and media and contemporary art spaces such as El Matadero de Madrid.

He belongs to the “Masquepalabras” Arts Collective in Madrid, a prolific and diverse cultural platform for many different artists in the capital city of Spain.

In addition to his artistic career, Noglobal also worked as a reporter for La Tuerka News. Similarly, Noglobal’s interviews for La Tuerka covered controversial topics such as politics, social issues, culture/contraculture, and art.

As a journalist and artist, Noglobal has collaborated with publications such as Diagonal, Hip Hop Life, La Dinamo, Instituto Urbano, GrundMagazine among many others.

The whole world is his battlefield and he will never stop trying to break down barriers and look for new meanings in  his permanent quest for freedom. He has lived all over the world including Madrid, London, Berlin, and New York City where he currently resides. His latest project, Sangre Latina NYC, is a documentary that portrays the Latin American community’s struggle in the Big Apple through the voice of young hip hop artists.